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ADA Standards for Accessible Design

This course provides an introduction to the updated ADA standards adopted by the Department of Justice as of September 2010.

Aging in Place

What you can do to enable yourself, your parents or your clients to continue to live in their own home as they age. IDCEC Registration # 7839; .2 CEU (2-hour course).

Generations in the Workplace

This 2 hour business building seminar defines the four generations in the workforce so that an employer is able to work effectively with his/her team. Effective communication is different for all four of these generations, and for objectives to be reached everyone has to be flexible with working in such a disparate workforce. Remember, many of our customers are from different generations; it is smart business to understand how to relate to them.

Green Revival House: A LEED Platinum Project

The Galveston Green Revival House is an 1890 raised cottage that was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008. This renovated house offered twin challenges: environmental sustainability and historic authenticity. The Galveston Historic Foundation targeted and achieved LEED Platinum certification while at the same time carefully preserving the historic value of the house.

Protecting the Green

One of the hardest aspects of being an Interior Designer is getting compensated fairly for your efforts as well as explaining what your services cover. Running one’s practice in a professional manner and being informed of environmentally sensitive products is an ethical responsibility to the public. Learn what to look for when selecting sustainable solutions and how this ties into the ethics of a professional practice.

Re-Thinking Sitting

This seminar explores different ways of sitting that might be more comfortable and better for the one sitting. Differing viewpoints are presented and a better understanding of the way we should sit when performing different tasks is addressed.

Surviving Economic Uncertainty

The purpose of this results-oriented course is to explain to small business owners (including single proprietors) the importance of planning and to demystify the process. Planning is not only for Fortune 500 Companies. Responsibility of running a business ensures your customers’ money is safe. Fiduciary responsibility of an owner is the cornerstone of every successful profitable business.
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